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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Living in Sedona

As many of you know, I am now living in Sedona, Az. What a beautiful place!

Ayurvedically speaking it is full of air, ether, and fire from the sun. This climate is so different from where I was in Wisconsin, I am really having to reconstruct my diet and daily routines to find balance in my full Pitta nature.
I am bringing this up so we can talk about how climate and seasons affect our doshas, or essential nature. In Wisconsin my body was cold and my circulation was slowing so I was increasing ginger, black pepper, and other warming foods into my diet, this was good as the fire season had passed when summer was over.

In Sedona, air, ether and fire are present and so the first two days I was here my lips were bright red from the fire/sun/heat, it has been 80 everyday! I am going back to a bit of my pitta pacifying diet, increasing cilantro, coconut, lime, zucchini, rose petal tea and kale. Ooohh to balance the air and ether I am eating avocados, and cooking with ghee, clarified butter made by my yogi husband, Aaron. Doing daily Abhyanga, self massage, with Pitta pacifying oils such as organic coconut and organic sunflower oils helps too.
I have heard it will cool off a bit, into the 60's, so at that time I may consider ginger teas and organic sesame oil Abhyanga.

So basically Ayurveda gives us the tools to constantly assess ourselves and our current balance point so that we can alter our lifestyle and diet to find peace in our bodies, emotions and ultimately our spirit. This is especially important to remember when traveling, under stress and when the seasons are changing.....

Here's to your Samadhi!

Samadhi: oneness with ultimate peace

the beautiful lotus blossom picture was taken by a dear friend photographer of mine,
Todd Smith. This photograph, along with many more thought-provoking pictures, can be purchased at

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