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Monday, May 24, 2010

Purity and Sensual Pleasure found in the Organic Body and Massage Oils by WoodSprite Organic Body.


I am a massage therapist and so when I come across a good oil, I am pleased.  Well folks, I am pleased!  It is so important to nourish our clients and our own skin with oils that are of the highest purity. Massage Oil does more than just moisturize our skin. It allows for a gentle detoxification of the body by absorbing into the blood stream and dislodging toxins so they can be eliminated from the body.  The oils aid in digestion, they protect our skin from the elements, and they provide snehana, a Sanskrit word for oil therapy or LOVE therapy. Oil is a form of love, true pure love.  Choosing a pure and organic oil to give a massage is like choosing a golden carriage to carry a loved one. 
The WoodSprite Organic Oils are a collection of pure and light nut and fruit oils that are easy for the skin to absorb with a smooth glide for massage and bodywork. 
The Lavender Organic Body and Massage Oil is the perfect match for easing stress, anxiety and quieting the mind after a long day.  The Organic Lavender essential oil is full of juicy, flowery middle notes.
 Try the Grapefruit Mint Oil for a refreshing and uplifting massage after your morning shower or as a detoxifying and analgesic massage oil choice in the spa. The first time I tried this oil I was pleasantly surprised by the coolness imparted to my skin by the peppermint oil, just enough to lend a gentle alertness.
The Ginger Glow Botanical Oil is perfect for enhancing circulation in the skin and muscles, perfect anytime of year and especially in the fall and winter seasons. Ginger Glow has essential oils of Bergamot, Organic Lavender, Ginger, Clove, Allspice, Lime, Grapefruit, Chamomile ,Ylang Ylang and Cassia. YUM! A very balanced blend.

Ahhhhh, The Sacred Collection. These oils have 100% organic base oils of sesame, sunflower, sweet almond and macadamia nut.  These oils are of medium weight and are filled with sacred resins and essential oils to enhance spiritual and emotional health.  The blends come in scents beautifully named Zen, Bliss and Spirit.  Perfect for all purists searching for inner peace. I would recommend using these oils along with energy work, marma therapy, head massage, lomi lomi, and any bodywork that offers a spiritual side. 
These oils all come in retail and professional sizes for back bar at the spa and wellness clinic.  
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Looking for a refreshing and cooling summer treatment for your Spa or home? Here it is! Coconut Lime Refreshing Body Treatment from WoodSprite Organics

This is part of a series of reviews I am doing for The Spa Buzz,, as their Organic Products Expert, Enjoy!
This treatment uses Coconut Lime Sugar Polish which has Virgin Coconut oil that’s smell will bring you straight to the tropics, mixed with rich Mango Butter, perfect for your sun-parched skin and Cold Pressed key Lime essential oil to balance your temperature and your mood.   Immediately upon opening this jar I was drooling. It literally smells like you should be eating it! I have never been a fan of sugar scrubs before this one.  I loved the way the finer crystal sugar slowly dissolves as you are exfoliating your skin feeling less abrasive and more nuturing.  In Ayurveda summer is the season of fire (pitta) and so care needs to be taken to cool and calm the body mind.  It is said that Coconut oil is the best oil to cool and nourish the mind, body and spirit in the summer and one should use this oil daily for self-massage or Abhyanga.   Using this sugar polish in the shower at home or vichy in the spa, is a great way to refresh your mind and cool your body for the heat of the summer!
Look at the pure ingredients:  *Organic Raw Sugar, *Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, *Organic Sunflower Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Mango Butter, Key Lime Peel Pure Essential Oil and Vitamin E. (*Certified Organic) Vegan.
The entire protocol also includes a hydrotherapy portion using Coconut Lime Milk Bath or Coconut Fizzing Bath Bomb, rehydration and a wrap using Coconut Lime Whipped Organic Coconut Body Butter, Divine!

Truly Green Body care and why we should demand purity in the Spa Industry

It is so important that we as consumers, and spa professionals know exactly what is in the products we promote and literally spread on thousands of bodies in our homes and establishments daily. Our skin “eats” everything we put onto it, and at a time when cancer and so many other auto-immune diseases are increasing, I cannot see a better time to become deeply aware of the difference between truly green, pure and organic products and products with greenwashing marketing schemes.

The word Organic is such a buzz word today, what does it mean? I have had the luxury to have lived in an Organic farming community in Wisconsin for the past 10 years and witness firsthand the care and consciousness that goes into such work. Organic farmers work WITH nature, not against it. They feed the soil with compost adding nutrients to the soil, which directly translates to the nutrients the crops have that grow in the soil. Ever hear Organic food has more vitamins and minerals in it? This is why. Naturally the added vitamins and enhanced herbal extracts carries over to more effective organic body care product as well.

I have seen organic apples orchards use pigs to root around the trees keeping all of the weeds out of the orchard and eating the fallen fruit that would rot anyway, leaving their waste to fertilize the trees. Seems a lot more balanced to me than spraying toxins over the trees and fruit leaving dead strips of grass in the rows beneath. A part of me wonders how the trees can live while the grass and weeds are getting exterminated. I know there is a scientific reason for this, but intuitively it seems wrong.

In organic farming there are no chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, or artificial anything. This means the earth is happier, or bodies are happier and the future generations are left a planet that is happier. There are strict organic certification processes that safeguard this industry from it getting “greenwashed” or compromised in anyway. If you find a company that is claiming organic on their label, look for the white and green USDA ORGANIC label to assure its quality and integrity. You can also look for the third party certification such as OCI, MOSA or other. However, I will say there are more than a handful of smaller, superior body care companies who are using organic ingredients and have not obtained certification for one reason or another. Confusing, I know. Here is where you must scour the label and ingredients list, inquire directly to the company about the certification and/or avoid the product. Some of my very favorite body care companies are not certified, but have the utmost integrity and consciousness surrounding organics and pure products.

The spa industry is a healing one, a place people come to escape the stress and toxins of daily life. It is so important at this time when our industry is growing at rates no other industry can compare, that we maintain the integrity of true health. This health includes PURITY from organics, and this purity comes from awareness. Educate yourself; find out what is REALLY in your body care line.

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