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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blissful Spring Cleansing

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I had the great fortune to listen in to a conference call with my Ayurvedic teacher, Vaidya RK Mishra on the topic of Spring Detox. What a treasure.

I discovered that in Spring, vasant in sanskrit, nature is coaxing us into detoxification just by introducing warmth in the atmosphere... basically what happens is this: the channels (srotas: physical channels, nadis: vibrational channels) of our body that carry prana, blood, oxygen, toxins (oops) and more to our organs and systems of the body, literally freeze in the winter. When this happens all of the prana, toxins ect get stuck in the channels. Ick! When the weather starts to warm the channels expand and allowing everything to move and circulate, thus spring colds, mucous, allergies, ect (from the toxins). Funny thing is, you can sick in spring even if you are following agood routine, getting enough sleep, drinking pure water, ect...

Remedy: Give our bodies some help by aiding in the detox of the channels. This will be of great benefit to your overall health and vibrance.
How you ask?
  • drink plenty of warm, not hot, spring water daily
  • get 8 hours of sleep per night
  • increase the amount of time you exercise (note: it is important that you only exercise by using up to 50% of your energy. How do you know when you have reached this point?? by your breath. When you notice you need to breathe through your mouth, it is time to stop. Breathing through the mouth increases adrenaline and the flight or flight stress response. Not exactly healthy or balancing for your body to be put in this stress state repeatedly)
another note: I do know of ways to increase your endurance and prepare your muscles and body to receive more prana during nose breathing exercise, inquire if interested.
  • exfolliation of your skin; this will open up the channels and absorb vibrational toxins
  • aromatherapy inhalation for sinus congestion or inflammation
  • enjoy the beauty and aromatherapy from spring flowers
  • make detoxifying soup with coriander, barley, zucchini, daikon radish and dark leafy greens
  • avoid heavy oils, deep fried foods, excessive sweets, heavy meats (chicken and fish OK), anything that takes a long time to digest, large beans
  • do not sleep in the day time
Hopefully this gives you a good idea of a simple way to assiat your body in detoxification in the Spring. If you are interested in a home cleanse supported by detoxifying bodywork, including massage, Marma Therapy, body scrubs and body wraps, and aroma steams, please call Samadhi Spa and Wellness.

Here's to Spring flowers!

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