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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Where does my inspiration come from?
I had the pleasure of attending a week long Ayurveda bodywork course taught by a Dr from South India, Dr Hari. He has a wealth of experience, kindness and stories to boot. My favorite stories are the ones describing in detail the wild things that happen daily in India. Monks hiking into the Himalayas searching for enlightened beings and when found, have seen their eyes, and third eyes glowing in the night.
 I received and gave many body treatments that week wearing a loin cloth, a new experience for me... it is good to feel the naturalness of the body, exposed and vulnerable, yes, but in a way it exposes a part of us that is too closed anyway... byt this could be a whole post in itself....

I left this workshop remembering my TRUE SELF. The reason I sought out natural health and healing and really why I moved to Sedona.... to practice and work with Ayurveda.
The feeling I feel when I am coated in medicinal smelling sesame oil and herbal pastes. The craving for spices, chai and lime on everything. This is what I want to share with you....
a vessel for you to find that which makes passion ooze from your every pore...
namaste' friend.


  1. We love Dr. Hari! He is an amazing instructor ! I highly recommend Panchakarma for everyone! If you have the opportunity to experience this rejuvenating and incredible treatment - Do not hesitate. Enjoy!

  2. I agree, Dr Hari is very patient, kind and filled with ancient knowledge.

  3. I have talked to Dr. Hari on phone 2 year back as one of my USA client who learned Ayurveda and practiced Panchkarma from them.

    It is very true fact that we in India really don't value these powerful science. We know that its a complete medical science.

    Radha, I thank you to provide this wonderful platform for us to express our thanks to you.

    I am working with Bodycraft Spa and Salon to heal the lost energies.

    I feel truly amazing now.

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