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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello sweet ayurveds and man it's hot! (finally!)

Well, my friends this summer has been an amazing diversity of beauty and chaos. My sweet house is still up for sale, my life a bit in question.... and then, I got an amazing offer.... the kind that made tme think god/goddess/universe has ACTUALLY been listening to my prayers. I may have clarity about my immediate future very, very soon.... so, for now I will spare you the details and get on with the summer care portion of this blog....

It's hot I am crabby, what to do????
From an ayurvedic perspective this is the peak of Pitta season. It can be very aggravating and irritating time if one is out of balance.... I am going to share with you some tips to bring love, joy, playfullness and bliss back into your summer...

Please eat these foods:
  • COCONUT, in the form of chutneys, young coconut, coconut water, coconut bliss ice cream
  • LIME, squeeze over all veggies, squeeze into room temperature water with a leaf of mint
  • RAW SUGAR, yes the sweet taste is perfect for this hot time of year
  • TAMARIND, can be hard to find... but is excellent for scraping the channels and leaving you ama-free!
  • PROTEIN, paneer, split mung beans, keep that pitta fire under control
  • DARK LEAFY GREENS, kale especially.....
  • SUMMER SQUASH, sweet and juicy, rich in soma (nuturing, lunar, pacifying vibes)
  • all things sweet, bitter and astringent
  • GHEE

Please AVOID: these foods aggravate, are acidic and close channels so prana can not flow correctly through the body... nightshades have nicotine which is addicting and a central nervous sytem stimulant which over time can exhaust your immune system and ultimately bring you away from the bliss you are seeking!

  • ALCOHOL (if you must water it down and avoid red wine, it is VERY heating)

Other tips:

  • self massage with coconut oil, you can also add essential oils of: rose to open the heart, vetiver (very cooling and mentioned in ancient texts), sandalwood and lavender.
  • sleep out or take a walk under the cool moon light
  • only exercise in early morning before sunrise, keep exercise mellow, not too vigorous or pitta will become aggravated (swimming in non chlorinated water is best)
  • drink cool water with organic rose petals in
  • a small amount of clove will detoxify and open channels so prana can flow

overall LOVE LOVE LOVE and play play play....

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